Savor Health Every Day: Taiwan's Pride

onped Plaza leads with the "Daily Delights" series, crafting healthy and low-carb delights for you. Indulge in the signature "Sichuan Peppercorn Sesame Noodles," high in protein and low in calories, protecting your figure while savoring the taste.

Experience the richness of "Sichuan Spicy" and "Garlic Infused Soy Sauce Noodles," evoking profound memories of traditional flavors. The "3-Pack Carb-Controlled Noodles" caters to diverse tastes, ideal for those pursuing wellness and fitness. The "6-Pack Assorted Noodles" showcases a variety of textures, satisfying even the most discerning palates.

The "Family Starch Management Set" and "10-Pack Carb-Controlled Noodles" attentively meet different needs, providing optimal choices. Gluten-free bean protein rice noodles, flavorful scallion oil sauce, and the warming ginger sesame oil cater to a spectrum of tastes.

Carefully selected natural ingredients, with red algae erythritol replacing sugar, ensure low calories for a healthier option. Soup bases and reduced-sugar sauces enrich your cooking experience. "Taiwan's Pride – Daily Delights" promises a perfect blend of taste, flavor, and health in every meal. Experience the true beauty of food, starting with "Daily Delights.