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Oriental Beauty Tea
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The Pinnacle Brew: Taiwanese World's Finest and Exquisite Tea 🍵✨

Embark on a Fragrant Tea Journey 🌿

Indulge in a Healthy Lifestyle with Hsinchu County's Latest Award-Winning Oriental Beauty Tea 🏆

We present freshly harvested tea leaves, crafting a voyage through delightful tea fragrances, where health and taste intertwine seamlessly. The captivating scent of Oriental Beauty Tea, combined with its exquisite flavor, delights your taste buds with each sip, leaving an enduring impression.

Fresh Selection: Essence of Heartfelt Tea 🍃

We meticulously choose the finest Oriental Beauty Tea, ensuring each leaf emanates its distinct aroma.

Health Boost: Relishing a Wholesome Lifestyle 🌱

Every leaf captures traditional flavors, thoughtfully selected for premium quality, delivering an authentic tea experience.

Classic Flavors: Reviving Fond Memories 🌺

Oriental Beauty Tea blends aromatic charm, allowing each leaf to evoke cherished memories, guiding you on a delightful tea-tasting journey.

Enjoyment and Relaxation: Relishing Goodness Anytime, Anywhere

Whether embracing a healthy lifestyle or savoring the art of tea, Oriental Beauty Tea remains your ideal choice. Let the tea fragrance accompany you through every beautiful moment, experiencing the perfect fusion of health and taste.

Join us in exploring the enchantment of Oriental Beauty Tea and savor a genuine journey through the world of tea fragrance! 🌍🍵

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Oriental Beauty Tea (Braggart Tea) is a type of White-Tipped Oolong Tea, mainly produced in the tea gardens of Beipu Township and Emei Township in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Its production method differs from the conventional Oolong Tea, deriving its name from the tea leaves' expansion during the production process.

The distinguishing feature of Oriental Beauty Tea lies in the appearance of the tea leaves, which are fluffy and present themselves in larger strips or spherical shapes with a deep green hue. The tea's infusion exhibits a golden-yellow color, offering clarity and exuding a unique floral and fruity aroma. Its taste is mild yet refreshing, accompanied by subtle sweetness and a clean aroma.

Explore Taiwan's distinctive flavors and savor the delightful essence of Oriental Beauty Tea!

Oriental Beauty Tea, a treasure hailing from Beipu Township in Hsinchu, Taiwan, has gained significant attention in the tea world due to its distinctive production process and unique flavor profile. We proudly present this gem of Taiwan's tea culture, inviting you to explore the diverse world of tea.

Journey of Taste: Every cup of Oriental Beauty Tea embarks on a pleasantly surprising tasting journey. The tea's loose shape and deep green color exude a unique floral and fruity aroma. The golden-yellow tea infusion, like the morning sun, is transparent and clear. Each sip is a gift from nature, refreshing, gentle, and delivering a pleasant experience.

Premium Selection: We choose the finest Oriental Beauty Tea leaves sourced from the tea gardens of Beipu Township in Taiwan, cultivated and meticulously processed by experienced tea farmers. Each tea leaf undergoes careful picking and processing to ensure the utmost quality in your tea tasting experience.

Healthy Enjoyment: Oriental Beauty Tea not only offers deliciousness but also boasts the health benefits of tea leaves. The antioxidants and nutritional elements in the tea contribute to boosting immunity and maintaining overall well-being. Whether unwinding from a day's fatigue or relishing moments of tranquility, Oriental Beauty Tea stands as your best choice.

Shop Now: Amidst life's hustle and bustle, gift yourself a moment of bliss. Explore our website now and purchase the freshest Oriental Beauty Tea leaves, bringing Taiwan's classic flavors to your teacup. Whether you're a tea enthusiast or seeking diverse tastes, Oriental Beauty Tea will be your perfect choice.

Discover the wonderful flavors of Oriental Beauty Tea, taste Taiwan's tea culture, and let the tea fragrance guide you into an exciting new world of tea leaves. Purchase now and join us in savoring the excellence of each tea leaf!

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