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High Fiber Carb-Controlled Fine Noodles/1 pack ser
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 High Fiber Carb-Controlled Noodles Rich in Dietary Fiber | Delicious and Satisfying 

Starch Management. Technological Development. 

Various grains. Elevating Cooking. 

Safe to Eat. Formulated Recipe. 

/ Contains 6g or more dietary fiber per 100g 

/ Solid grains of wheat and oats, chewy texture 

/ Nutritious grains, delicious and low burden


Low-Carb Noodles: A Nutritious Delight 🍜


Our low-carb noodles are meticulously crafted from carefully selected natural ingredients, offering a delightful fusion of taste and nutrition. Let’s delve into their remarkable features:

  1. Rich Ingredients: Each noodle strand combines wheat flour, water, wheat protein, soybean powder, black bean powder, and salt. These wholesome components ensure a balance of deliciousness and essential nutrients.

  2. Diverse Flavors: Our noodles come alive with sesame sauce and peppercorn sauce. Every bite offers a symphony of flavors, making your dining experience truly enjoyable.

  3. Boosted with Dietary Fiber: A standout feature is the addition of natural dietary fiber. Derived from soybeans and black beans, these fibers not only thwart the absorption of fattening sugars but also enhance satiety, curb appetite, and promote smooth digestion.

  4. Comprehensive Nutrition: We meticulously select premium natural dietary fiber, preserving all essential nutrients during production. Each mouthful provides robust nutritional support.

  5. Healthy Lifestyle: Embrace our low-carb noodle series for a light and energetic feeling. Make this delicious noodle a staple in your meals, infusing your life with health and goodness. Inspired by South Asian culinary traditions, it’s the ultimate food experience!



淨重:225g (麵條75g) x 3份




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