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【Rice+Chickpeas】Gluten-Free Soy Protein Rice Flour
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Room Temperature

Serves 4 (single large package)

Hsinchu fine rice noodles made using the steam cooking method.

Crafted from carefully selected high-quality imported rice from Taiwan and Canadian chickpeas.

Grinding the whole rice gives the rice noodles a delicate and robust texture.

Chickpeas are added for extra protein and dietary fiber, enhancing the nutritional value of the rice noodles.

No additives, completely gluten-free.

This rice noodle, made through the Taiwanese rice milling process and combined with chickpeas, is nutritious, healthy, and delicious for all ages.


【Rice+Chickpeas】Gluten-Free Soy Protein Rice Flour 1 pack/200g🍚🫘

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