onped plaza shopping area is about to launch the following products soon.

onped plaza is delighted to present “Uno Dino” products, committed to creating high-quality, comfortable, and health-focused clothing and bedding for children. In collaboration with the Fashion Design Department of Ling Tung University in Taichung, Taiwan, they have developed fashionable and practical items.

The founder's daughter suffers from severe atopic dermatitis, driving “Uno Dino“ to address the challenges faced by caregivers of children with sensitive skin conditions when choosing clothing and bedding. The brand emphasizes comfort and style, providing suitable products for children with sensitive skin and atopic dermatitis, ensuring not only comfort but also a fashionable image for the little ones.

The entire ”Uno Dino“ product range is manufactured in Taiwan, meticulously selecting high-quality materials to ensure children experience the utmost comfort and healthiness in their clothing. The brand encourages parents to follow medical advice, ensuring children use appropriate skincare products to promote their well-being.

The brand slogan, "Children's Life Good Friend," expresses our care for the quality of children's lives. Offering support to families facing the challenges of caring for babies with atopic dermatitis, onped plaza/ Uno Dino aims to be a reliable partner on their journey to recovery. They enable your child to thrive in comfort, confidence, and happiness.

Moreover, the materials used in onped plaza/ Uno Dino's bedding sets are crafted from TENCEL™ fibers, derived from renewable wood sources through the process of photosynthesis, aligning with environmentally friendly principles. Choosing the finest fibers results in a higher thread count, providing a smoother and more durable feel. Utilizing 100% premium Tencel material, our bedding sets are recommended for those with atopic dermatitis and sensitive skin. onped plaza introduces Uno Dino products, offering a perfect choice for those who value cleanliness.

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