Onped Plaza and Uno Dino: Weaving Dreams for Children Together
In July of last year, our partner Uno Dino embarked on a journey filled with dreams and expectations to Tokyo. The destination was the 15th Baby and Children Expo held in Tokyo, a grand gathering of baby and children's products from around the world. For us, this wasn't just a stage to showcase our products but also an opportunity to meet with global peers.

Uno Dino, a brand that Taiwan takes pride in, brought our commitment to quality and the promise of health and happiness for children to the expo. They showcased their carefully crafted products made with Tencel fibers, offering a soft and comfortable touch that impressed audiences from all over the world. The positive reception from international visitors filled us with immense pride and honor.

At the expo, we were fortunate to meet Paul Frenz from Korea, a sock manufacturer known for their excellent quality and unique designs, as well as the Dutch children's clothing brand KoKo Noko & Dirkje. Their products, with outstanding quality and unique designs, resonated with our philosophy.

Therefore, our partner Uno Dino decided to represent Paul Frenz and KoKo Noko & Dirkje's products, bringing these high-quality goods to the Taiwanese market. Onped Plaza looks forward to the future with hope and anticipation. We will continue to strive to bring more quality products to children, allowing them to grow up healthy and happy.

Baby and Kids clothing: https://www.onped.com/us/product/1120
Bedding: https://www.onped.com/us/product/1121